Thursday, July 1, 2010

Spooktacularly named

....OK so now we're back to reality. Sorry for my little outburst back there. Sometimes I get the feeling like I'm talking to myself. You ever get that feeling? Anyway, I'm still struggling with my lifelong obsession with Halloween. Maybe I should join a support group of some sort. Halloween-aholics anonymous, or short. "H.A.". No, it wasn't that funny.. Yeah, I have the ability to come up with bad jokes, so bare with me. I currently have my black cat dressed in a jack o lantern sweater sitting on my desk, and a scarecrow that greets me every time I open my closet. Some people have skeletons in their closet. I personally have scarecrows. Hey, but at least I don't ever have to worry about crows flying into my dresser in the middle of the night and stealing all my clothes, right? The sad thing is, as I write this, there is a garden outside being eaten alive by critters..and my scarecrow sits in my closet. His name is Jack, by the way. No, I am not crazy. Although I did mention the white coats in my previous post.

Personally I like all the old cheap "B" Horror Films. The less money, and the worse the acting put into it, the better. There seems to be a "cult" following for films like these. Although, some of them were put together rather well without computer animation. I sometimes wish they would go back to using actually props than pixels all the time. I noticed the wolfman transformations in the old films looked more real without the computer generated cartoonish look. It really does look cartoonish to me.

I've been cooking less in regards to the fact that the house reaches nearly 90 during the day in this god-forsaken place. People have been boycotting my food, so I nearly finished half of the Covenstead bread by myself. Sinful, but delicious. I think it would be more of a sin to let it go to waste. I will tell you that I got the recipe from one of my Pagan books, which I have had since I was a teenager. It is something I have followed throughout my life..with that being said my next adventure will be "Salem Witch Pudding" or "Halloween Pumpkin Muffins", and other spooktacularly named recipes. I totally made that word up, in case you hadn't noticed. The Covenstead bread has a spiced, but sweet taste to it. Kind of like winter ale, if you drink. I personally prefer it in Autumn.

There used to be a place I used to go to named "The Witches Brew" back in New York. Those of you who are reading this, and hung out with me, know EXACTLY what i'm talking about. It was one of my favourite hang out spots, and they would serve a lot of the spooktacularly named recipes as I mentioned above. I'm not sure if they're from Pagan books, but they had these strange coffee concoctions with peanut butter and marshmallows, with some type of spice in it. It meshed really well, and as I talk about it, I am craving one. I sincerely hope that the establishment is still open. My group of rockers, goths and punks used to frequent there a lot, and it was like Hogsmeade if any of you read Harry Potter. It would be a shame if they closed it down, but knowing mainstream corporate, narrow minded, greedy society...They probably turned it into Starbucks or Abercrombie and Fitch. Or it's invaded by Twilight fans. It really was the Anti-Starbucks. Forgive my rebellious runs in my blood. It's definitely the type of place I would like to open, in my own town. No cowboys allowed, but pirates are welcome ;)

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