Tuesday, June 29, 2010

My Serpentine

Yes it's that time again. Another episode, and after my last post anyone reading this may have wondered if the men (and women) came with a white jacket for me. I assure you that I am completely fine, or at least in my own mind I think I am. I have been feeding my nostalgia hunger, and cramming my brain with Harry Potter books. Out and about, and down and out. I have started re-reading the books in order this time, and reading the ones I have missed. Oh! and it's TWILIGHT PREMIERE NIGHT!! So, I decided instead of going that, to count the rocks in my yard. Yeah, I took a break to write this. One thing I have been pondering about the "restricted section" (for all you muggles, that's a place in Hogwarts library filled with books students aren't supposed to read without permission.) Then why keep them there? Why not have them in a vault somewhere. That is one thing I really don't understand.

I admit the howling of the wind and the death metal blaring in the background makes it a little hard to concentrate on a blog, but that is pretty much a constant lately. The music I will have to say is something I listened more to when I was younger, but I recently found a station that plays it relentlessly..So I have started listening to it again. I had a bit of a dark past, for those of you who don't know me too well, or at all. Shame on your prying eyes. haha. DON'T LOOK AT ME!! Just kidding. No really, don't look at me. 0.0 Here come the white coats again.

There was a flaming (I guess you can call it) bread in my oven earlier, and I usually don't destroy things that badly unless I have intention to. I had to make the covenstead bread all over again. No, I will not tell you what book it came out of... It's one of my old books and it's proclaimed "centuries old". 1600 A.D. specifically, although I don't know if I exactly believe it too much. I finally corrected the minor issue, and it was no longer a fire hazard. Reading these books is making me wish it was October and the heat of the summer is not a harsh reality, but a vague memory. I know it isn't far off, but it isn't promised here in Arizona. I remember last year it was in the 80's all the way until November. I often wonder why anyone really wants to live here, and i'll say it again because I know i've said it before. Noone decorates for Halloween out here. There are barely any Trick or Treaters. Which I cannot really blame them because sometimes the houses are a bit far away. The gated communities do have them though. I miss the New England Octobers, and the colourful arrangement of the drying leaves. Their fragrance definitely gives me that out-of-body feeling of nostalgia to when I was growing up on my block, scaring the living daylights out of people on Halloween. I guess I was spoiled because I lived next door to a witch. I guess some of you would think (oh he must mean she was a mean lady). Yeah, I guess she was a bit mean sometimes..If you were 107, I think you would be too. She had a black cat and everything, she adored me..but hated my mother. I would get these strange homemade candies from her during Halloween, and I still cannot honestly tell you what they were. Maybe that is why I am so weird these days. Every night I would see her house lit up with candles and the piano playing, and someone playing it rather well. I often wondered how she played it being well over 90 ( I may have been kidding about the 107, but she was definitely one of the oldest human beings I have ever seen.) I moved out well over 7 years ago, but it wouldn't surprise me if she was still there.

So I guess you can consider that being spoiled during Halloween, when it comes to creepy stuff. Also the fact that everyone on my block decorated and handed out bags and bags of candy. I remember one time walking home with my friend these kids hopped out of the car to steal our bags. Little did they know that I had two cans of shaving cream on each pocket under my cape. Rigged to spray at long distances, mind you. So when they tried to put their grubby hands on my stash, they got a nice face full of shaving cream...as we scurried off into someone's backyard. Even though at the time I was upset, it was funny later on, and I remembered it to even this day. This is just one of the many reasons that it is my favourite holiday. If it is your favourite holiday too, I would have to recommend spending October 28-31 in Salem, Massachusetts. I had the privilege to do so. I guess because they had the "Witch Trials" there, it has this stigma of being occupied with witches. I will have to say that during the late months of October, it isn't a stretch to say that. I got a very eerie feeling being there. So With my fixation with the dark and morbid. Yes, I will come clean, I was goth in high school. I wish Halloween was everyday (maybe I should go live with Jack Skellington). Although it wouldn't be a holiday everyday now would it? Though I am backtracking, I really hate that term though "goth". I dislike stereotypes to begin with, but that one really gets to me because I was called that a lot. Black just happens to be my favourite colour, and looks the best on me. Sue me for wearing it a lot.

SO at this moment it is officially 123 Days, 1 Hour and 57 minutes until Halloween. Even less time for my birthday. I plan on celebrating both of them (as I normally do) to the absolute fullest extend that is permitted by law. Shh.. maybe not. You didn't read that though, ok? If you did, I only said maybe. I'm behaved! Wherever, I may be (I am praying New York or Salem). Touching on a very strange fact I just realized. I promised I wouldn't talk about relationships but this is a very interesting fact..and kind of a downer. I have ALWAYS been without my partner on Halloween. Not my birthday, which is only a week before. At this time my relationships were at a "separation" phase or they were away, or some other kind of circumstances that has made it that way. Hopefully this year, that will be different.. I kind of have to, uh, you know, find someone first. Oh well...

BUT!!! I won't leave you on a sour note. My station is playing Guns N' Roses.

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