Tuesday, June 29, 2010

My Serpentine

Yes it's that time again. Another episode, and after my last post anyone reading this may have wondered if the men (and women) came with a white jacket for me. I assure you that I am completely fine, or at least in my own mind I think I am. I have been feeding my nostalgia hunger, and cramming my brain with Harry Potter books. Out and about, and down and out. I have started re-reading the books in order this time, and reading the ones I have missed. Oh! and it's TWILIGHT PREMIERE NIGHT!! So, I decided instead of going that, to count the rocks in my yard. Yeah, I took a break to write this. One thing I have been pondering about the "restricted section" (for all you muggles, that's a place in Hogwarts library filled with books students aren't supposed to read without permission.) Then why keep them there? Why not have them in a vault somewhere. That is one thing I really don't understand.

I admit the howling of the wind and the death metal blaring in the background makes it a little hard to concentrate on a blog, but that is pretty much a constant lately. The music I will have to say is something I listened more to when I was younger, but I recently found a station that plays it relentlessly..So I have started listening to it again. I had a bit of a dark past, for those of you who don't know me too well, or at all. Shame on your prying eyes. haha. DON'T LOOK AT ME!! Just kidding. No really, don't look at me. 0.0 Here come the white coats again.

There was a flaming (I guess you can call it) bread in my oven earlier, and I usually don't destroy things that badly unless I have intention to. I had to make the covenstead bread all over again. No, I will not tell you what book it came out of... It's one of my old books and it's proclaimed "centuries old". 1600 A.D. specifically, although I don't know if I exactly believe it too much. I finally corrected the minor issue, and it was no longer a fire hazard. Reading these books is making me wish it was October and the heat of the summer is not a harsh reality, but a vague memory. I know it isn't far off, but it isn't promised here in Arizona. I remember last year it was in the 80's all the way until November. I often wonder why anyone really wants to live here, and i'll say it again because I know i've said it before. Noone decorates for Halloween out here. There are barely any Trick or Treaters. Which I cannot really blame them because sometimes the houses are a bit far away. The gated communities do have them though. I miss the New England Octobers, and the colourful arrangement of the drying leaves. Their fragrance definitely gives me that out-of-body feeling of nostalgia to when I was growing up on my block, scaring the living daylights out of people on Halloween. I guess I was spoiled because I lived next door to a witch. I guess some of you would think (oh he must mean she was a mean lady). Yeah, I guess she was a bit mean sometimes..If you were 107, I think you would be too. She had a black cat and everything, she adored me..but hated my mother. I would get these strange homemade candies from her during Halloween, and I still cannot honestly tell you what they were. Maybe that is why I am so weird these days. Every night I would see her house lit up with candles and the piano playing, and someone playing it rather well. I often wondered how she played it being well over 90 ( I may have been kidding about the 107, but she was definitely one of the oldest human beings I have ever seen.) I moved out well over 7 years ago, but it wouldn't surprise me if she was still there.

So I guess you can consider that being spoiled during Halloween, when it comes to creepy stuff. Also the fact that everyone on my block decorated and handed out bags and bags of candy. I remember one time walking home with my friend these kids hopped out of the car to steal our bags. Little did they know that I had two cans of shaving cream on each pocket under my cape. Rigged to spray at long distances, mind you. So when they tried to put their grubby hands on my stash, they got a nice face full of shaving cream...as we scurried off into someone's backyard. Even though at the time I was upset, it was funny later on, and I remembered it to even this day. This is just one of the many reasons that it is my favourite holiday. If it is your favourite holiday too, I would have to recommend spending October 28-31 in Salem, Massachusetts. I had the privilege to do so. I guess because they had the "Witch Trials" there, it has this stigma of being occupied with witches. I will have to say that during the late months of October, it isn't a stretch to say that. I got a very eerie feeling being there. So With my fixation with the dark and morbid. Yes, I will come clean, I was goth in high school. I wish Halloween was everyday (maybe I should go live with Jack Skellington). Although it wouldn't be a holiday everyday now would it? Though I am backtracking, I really hate that term though "goth". I dislike stereotypes to begin with, but that one really gets to me because I was called that a lot. Black just happens to be my favourite colour, and looks the best on me. Sue me for wearing it a lot.

SO at this moment it is officially 123 Days, 1 Hour and 57 minutes until Halloween. Even less time for my birthday. I plan on celebrating both of them (as I normally do) to the absolute fullest extend that is permitted by law. Shh.. maybe not. You didn't read that though, ok? If you did, I only said maybe. I'm behaved! Wherever, I may be (I am praying New York or Salem). Touching on a very strange fact I just realized. I promised I wouldn't talk about relationships but this is a very interesting fact..and kind of a downer. I have ALWAYS been without my partner on Halloween. Not my birthday, which is only a week before. At this time my relationships were at a "separation" phase or they were away, or some other kind of circumstances that has made it that way. Hopefully this year, that will be different.. I kind of have to, uh, you know, find someone first. Oh well...

BUT!!! I won't leave you on a sour note. My station is playing Guns N' Roses.

Monday, June 21, 2010

Red button

What you are about to hear might startle you and practically amaze you, be prepared, because today I crossed the line that divided reality from fiction. Today I survived in The Twilight Zone...

Today I got adventurous, maybe even death-defying. The ominous big red button on the microwave has been tempting me since I moved in. My roommate and I have really been pondering its true evil purpouse since there is no handbook or fallout instructions. We speculated that perhaps it was the time travel function or perhaps it enlarges things like the machine in Willy Wonka. I am rather fundamentally tech-savvy as well, I had no clue. Therefore, today in my immense boredom, and total curiosity, I took it upon myself to engage the flux-capacitor. Immediately as I pressed it, the world started to shimmer around me. Spectral prisms shone and the power of the microwave immediately transported me to another dimension... My body broke down into billions of particles and I was escorted via frequency. I saw Mars and the Giza Pyramids, I even saw the lost city of Atlantis. You know they even have a Starbucks at the center of the earth?..and a McDonalds on Jupiter. There I ordered a Chicken McNebula and a Meteor Mac w/ Cheese. Who knew that all this time, inside my kitchen, that this button had held all these secrets. The curiosity had turned into astonishment as I was immediately transported back into my kitchen. The pilots climbed back into the microwave and my micro-mac and cheese was perfectly cooked. Unfortunately, none of this was true as the new discovery turned out to be a grill function. That's what the inconspicuous grate at the top of it was!!... I'm sorry to disappoint anyone who thought that this was an actual discovery. Maybe it was and I am under oath by the alien microwave time travel committee. I promise I am not under the influence of anything but an overwhelming amount of boredom and sheer frustration.

Saturday, June 19, 2010


It's official, I think my laptop officially hates me. I don't specifically remeber doing anything to it, but it's either that or it totally has a mind of it's own. After spending nearly an hour last night cleaning it out, and staying up most of the night, it still decides to freeze on me at the most random times. It likes to do this usually when I am trying to help someone, or I am in the middle of a conversation. After this blog I think it will be taking a nap, because it's being cranky lately.

Yes, I missed a day with my entry. I was far too busy bustling around and spending money I didn't have to spend. I came home and there was a fireworks spectacular in almost my backyard. I had to check the calendar even to see if it was the 4th of July yet. Nope!. It was strange, because it was A LOT of fireworks. Not just a few firecrackers or sparklers. It was something you would see on at a display. I just stood out there and saluted "God Bless America" , then walked back into my house. Just the other day I was complaining about how I never get any fireworks for the holiday and blah blah blah. I was in my room across the house and I thought it was gunfire because fireworks are apparently more illegal out here than guns. (Can someone explain that to me?) I understand their paranoia over wild fires because everything is so dry out here, but they test missiles not too far away..

I finally get to watch Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince, usually when I get excited about seeing a movie it turns out to be a total flop. I have heard very mixed reviews about this movie, some hated it and some loved it. So I will have to see for myself what Baldemort does in this one. Although I admit, I unintentionally cheated a little bit and read The Deathly Hallows last summer. So I have a pretty good idea how this one ends, IF they stay true to the book. They have thus far. Suprised I remember that far back? Yeah, it's short-term memory that's the problem.

I've been heavily listening to techno music once again, after hearing it so much yesterday...I added some to my own playlist. I think a lot of people don't like it because many people listen to the corny, repetitive stuff. Saying "Techno" is extremely broad these days, which I had not been once upon a time.. Now there's so many genres for everything. I am surprised each song doesn't have it's own genre. House, Deep House, Breakbeats, Electronic, Experimental, Progressive (not the insurance), Trance, Hard Trance, Goa, Psy, Big Beat, Jungle, Tribal, Drum-n-Bass, Old School, New Shool, Hardstyle...Whew and some with extra cheese, and some with pickles. (Just kidding about the last part). Don't ask me to explain them all, because I frankly, I don't know them all. Can you really blame me? , I mean LOOK ^.
I will say that they pretty much are different in their influence, timing, progression, and also equipment. Tribal being my least favourite, honestly saying that how can electronic music be tribal, when i'm pretty sure there aren't many tribes out there still in existence that own synthesizers. Although I could be wrong, and forgive me if I am. If you are in one, can I join? I will say that Trance and House are my favourites, and probably the most popular across the globe. Although in my own opinion, I think it is more popular in Europe. House definitely has more singing and radio-play. Yes confusing, I sometimes understand why people don't like it. Usually things people don't understand, they don't like. Am I right?

Thursday, June 17, 2010


I want to take a moment and thank everyone for reading, I have received a lot of good feedback. I don't really think it's all that clever, but thank you. Today I am going to see what store can rip me off the most, my clothes are thrashed and I need a new wardrobe. I am not going to be catwalking anytime soon, and you won't get me to join "Sorority Life" , not really my thing. I just should consider some clothes since I hope to be joining the work force soon. Not be a part of the underdog unemployed force that could probobly take over this country if they all manned together out of sheer frustration. It would be total chaos, and absolute mayhem. I am known for procrastination though, so I may OR may not end up there. Depending on how involved and crazy this blog ends up getting.

I used to have a pretty good knack at poetry and writing, I hope somehow this translates into this. I think it is somehow. I really haven't wrote any poetry since high school, which I used to write daily. Sometimes I wonder why I stopped, maybe someone creeped and bumped into my room in the night and took my poetry license. Something about listening to death metal and writing blogs somehow seems a little strange, it suprises me how I can keep concentration, because I usually can't do any kind of writing or reading even if someone sneezes. SO all of you people with colds and chronic sneezing disorders, stay away from me and my blog. My blog doesn't like your cold, and frankly, I don't either.

I really try to help people as much as I can, I guess it's the closet superhero in me. I'm coming out!!!!!!!!!!! Just kidding. Every once and a while I think of situations in where I am where I could be a hero, I think I have been from time to time, but don't tell anyone my secret. Just between you and me, and the rest of the world that reads this. Ok? I promise if I somehow become Batman one day that I will no longer discuss my heroics.

"Love has the power of making you believe what you would normally treat with the deepest suspicion." - Mirabeau

Does this mean that love makes one too trusting? I mean I am inherently a suspicious person of people's alterior motives and espionage plots. I guess that's just the David Webb in me. I honestly don't think I can ever watch that movie with a straight face ever again. Back to the story, I think it is like a double-edged sword, kind of like the one Arnold wields in Conan. "Conan the librarian". That usually pops in my head when I speak of that book / movie series. "Don't you know the dewey-decimal system!?" *SLASH* Wow back to the story again, yeah I am generally suspicious, but once I find that one person..I trust them with all my heart, even my soul. I don't like talking about love too much, since it is something that so many people do, and even I do in excess. I think it is important to bring forth that point, just not to the point it's all you talk about. I'm sure there are plenty of you bloggers out there who do this. Shame shame shame. Find something else to write about!!!

This also happens to me with self help books. If you could help yourself then why would you need a book explaining how to do so huh?! It's not self help if someone else is telling you how to do it. Lets get with the program. Or not get with the program, just do it yourself. I truly think some people do need some help though.LOOK OUT!

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Hair metal

I was searching through Youtube, oh and forgive me for naming names. Does this apply to websites as well? In this day in age am I even allowed to mention websites without being sued? I don't know. Anyway, I was going through Youtube, and I was looking for Disturbed videos. No, not videos of disturbed people or videos with emotional baggage. The actual band Disturbed. I try to go to the official video link, because somehow I think it pays homage to the band. Don't ask me how. I noticed that in one of the videos they have a 15 second advertisement. Not that it wasn't bad enough, it was an advertisement for a women's hair care product. I don't think i'm really interested in that just before listening to heavy metal. It might just be me. Another interesting fact is the lead singer of Disturbed doesn't have any hair, so you certainly know he wasn't endorsing this in his band's video. Before I get all rebellious and anti-establishment, I want to say that I care about my hair, and the right to advertise your product. I just think we get enough advertisements everywhere in our faces, especially on Television...that we really don't need them contained in a 4 minute video. Some networks I can't even watch like *Coughs* "Music" Television, or MTV. They really should change the name to "We used to play music, but now find it much more important to air shows about bratty obnoxious over-privileged young adults". Or in short BTTV "Bad Taste Television". Sorry MTV, but I grew up in the era when you actually used to play music. I'll stop there because as we speak, across the universe (even in cybertron) they are blogging about MTV. I'm going to cool it with the Transformer jokes, but maybe... "Megatron TV" ??????? Hmmm.

We had a barbeque yesterday here at my home, and in the meantime my friend was playing the Nintendo I was telling you about. I always find it funny and amusing when she is cursing out this innocent cartoon character jumping across the screen. Like "What did it ever do to you?" I would get an answer, "It isn't running fast enough, little *******!!!!!". Needless to say, I think they came to an agreement because she did beat the game. I haven't been cooking a lot aside from the BBQ, i've been getting complaints that i'm cooking too much food, after I dumped all these leftovers on my mother. So I am trying to cool it off, well, not really. It's something I enjoy, and i'm sure I can find someone who will eat it. I did use up a lot of the supplies though. I just feel like lately I am in everyone's cross-hairs, that everyone seems to be taking their frustration out on me. I am still continuing my conquest to land employment somewhere. I find it interesting the rings of fire, and circus tricks certain places make you go through, just to get a job. I understand they want to find the right "material" for their work place. All I am saying is, isn't it hard enough finding a job these days? Some places I honestly think they make you take a space training program, and learn how to speak vietnamese backwards, while painting the Mona Lisa underwater blindfolded. Well maybe not honestly.

Monday, June 14, 2010

It's magic

So dividing up my plunder this morning from yesterday's raid on the grocery store. I made one of those noodle soup instant freeze dried veggie experiments. Probobly as far off the culinary spectrum as apples are to zucchini. Yes it isn't a big deal, although it's not something I would consider exactly "indulgent". I see why my friends a while back considered it "college food", because it is inexpensive and extremely fast to fix when you have no time to cook when you're overloaded with information. Also cramming for exams. Back to breakfast, while it worked it's magic in the....yes, the microwave. Strike 2. I started to wonder the process that it goes through, if any, that has enabled it to save thousands of college kids across the world from starvation. Then I started thinking of Sea Monkeys. How when you add water to them, they "magically" spring back to life. They honestly used to scare me as a child, and it is practically impossible to name them. Even though in the little booklet they give you a whole page to name your "Sea Monkey family". So this process made me start to wonder, if it's a similar concept with the food. You add boiling water, and the noodles and vegetables "magically" transform into a slightly more edible state. I stress the word slightly. Somehow, I think Megatron is behind this as well.

My father graduated from culinary arts school at the age of 40, I personally will not wait another year..since it is something I would like to do. He warned me the perils of graduating from that place, since he never really got job placement as a result of it. I think I will do it, to gain experience, and have something to add to my resume, since mine seems to be rather ineffective at the moment, very sadly. I'm kind of stuck in this rut at the moment, a few things have gotten better. Like someone very close to me that I lost has given me a second chance, and I have to say that i'm very happy. It is something I prayed for. Also, my father wants to help me out of Arizona. Maybe I can go to Wisconsin instead? lol. I just need to get my act together and get back on track, which I am more than capable of.

Sunday, June 13, 2010


Driving around Tucson and coming back to my home. I sometimes realize "How did I end up here?". Coming from New York, it seems like a pretty feasible question. Between the scorching heat, the forests of cacti (yes, that is plural for cactuses) I still say C A C T U S E S, the unforgiving wildlife, and the mountains. It seems almost like an entirely different planet from what I knew in New York. So you ask..How did I end up here? Well, I was given the chance to explore the country, and see parts of it I had not seen. I want to experience things I had not experienced before. My mother relocated from New York, to start a new, and better paying job here in Arizona. I decided to come out here, and see what Arizona was like. I can't honestly say it blows me away, I do intend to go back to New York at some point. Although the price of housing is astronomical. This is something that I really was thinking about, that a partner would help us accomplishing pretty much living anywhere. I am trying to stay out of my relationship aspect of my life, but I will touch upon it briefly. I would say I am content with being single, but I beleive I could be happier in the long run with someone. It would create a lot more leeway when it comes to living, although I could live almost anywhere if the job situation was fairly reasonable. I also do not mind relocating for that person, if things really worked out in order to be close to them. ;)

I suppose that each state and region of the country has it's own pros and cons. I don't think it would take any kind of genius to figure that out. As much as I hated taking the train every weekend all over New York, it still beats driving an hour to get anywhere in Arizona. Especially when most of the speed limits are like 35. I mean, come on, what really am I going to hit in miles of endless desert. A rattlesnake? Although in the movies and whatnot really portray Arizona and the southwest as being this barren landscape with nothing but sand. Part of it yes, but some of it actually has quite a bit of vegetation and the city is quite large, with buildings. Yes, buildings...not shacks. It's a far cry from the westerns you see and the O.K. Corral. Although I have been there and not much has changed. Also, many people seem to think they're John Wayne here. I am not trying to offend anyone or insult anyone's lifestyle, but I think dressing up like cowboys is silly. If you drive to work in a Subaru hybrid vehicle, and drink morning cappucinnos while wearing a cowboy hat. You're not a cowboy. I was talking to my mother a while ago and told her I was going to dress up like a pirate for one day, and go around Tucson. I know this may be taking the idea a bit far, but in my mind it is the same concept. To me cowboys are a thing of the past, but pirates do exist today. Remember the recent Somali pirates and the hijacking? I'm sure they didn't wear eyepatches and limped around on wooden legs singing "yo-ho yo-ho", but they do still exist. I think Jack Sparrow would be quite proud of me. So I wanted to go around for a day, and explain to people "If you can dress up as a cowboy, I can dress up as a pirate". It might totally go past them, but when i'm sitting at Long John Silver's getting my lunch and my car stalls in the drive through, I can calmly tell the person at the window I am having trouble raising my anchor. I might be totally looney, but this isn't meant to offend anyone, just a some good clean fun. Anyone is more than welcome to make fun of pirates anyday, but they may have to answer to Davey Jones. Sorry Mr. Wayne :) Anyways, wear whatever makes you comfortable.

It just appeared on the news that 19 states in 94 countries have misplaced "Moonrocks" from the first lunar landing. I wonder how people would misplace things like these. It appears that the Decipticons must be looking for fragments of the all-spark. Only explanation. So when you see Megatron walking over your car, or past your window, do not be alarmed. He's just collecting "Moonrocks".

Saturday, June 12, 2010


I was just thinking of how some things are just inevitable, or maybe you just make them that way in your mind. Maybe it really is just mind over matter as my friend was telling me the other day. Although sometimes when it happens for me, I expect a certain outcome of something, and it can be the opposite effect. It's pretty funny how that only seems to happen when things go wrong. I have a certain concept of a few things that are inevitable at the moment, I hope that they don't happen, it just seems that the cards seem to favour the other team. Home field advantage, like they like to say in baseball.

The leftovers have taken a nice trip outside of my home, which is where they are going to stay. I might even get rid of the demon-child carrot cake and make an evil brother in the form of strawberry short cake. I have to admit, for a Saturday it seems rather eventless and gloomy. Perhaps just the after effects of the sugar overload I had before bed last night. The over stimulation of the sweet tooth. It can only leave the scientific community wondering. I've been doing some on and off reflecting lately. It really amazes me sometimes how people have really gone out of their way to be nice to me. Although they may think they haven't, when I think about it, it is pretty pretty apparent to me. I guess that is what makes them true friends, when one goes above and beyond for his fellow countrymen, and thinks nothing of it. I know it sounded more like a superhero, or a soldier. Friends can be heroes sometimes. Especially when one is going through a rough time. Whether it is in the form of guidance, constructive criticism, or even financial help... This is what seperates them from the rest of the humans on this earth. At least to me, anyway.

Friday, June 11, 2010

Moving-picture show

It was a plan of mine to limit myself to one blog per day. Today I have had this itch to write another, so thus I have.,I've started all these "blogging" rules for myself, and I suppose it isn't something that I should take too seriously. The simple pleasures in life are things people should not restrict themselves. If blogging is your thing, then hey, go for it.

Today / this evening has become a Lord of the Rings movie extravaganza. Well, I wouldn't go that far, but a very close person to me started the first one last night. I decided to watch the next two. These films are actually one of the few films that actually sticks to the books. Truly cinematic history. I am here on the third one, it's amazing I can even concentrate enough on a blog when Samwise Gamgee is fighting a giant spider, yelling at it "Let him go you filth!". Honestly, one of my favourite quotes from the movie. Poor Smeagol. Remember what I was saying about the snakes? If not then you haven't missed much. Smeagol honestly only made one bad choice in his life, and from you fellow "ringers" out there you will know that the ring has a power and mind of it's own. After all "it chooses it's master". Read the book, you'll see. What I was saying is, I know a lot of people view him as a villain. Maybe he was destined to become who he was, which is something he couldn't change.

Speaking of other movies, I recently watched A Night at the Museum : The Battle of the Smithsonian. At least I think that's what it was called. I'm no movie critic, nor do I foresee it as a future career. I would have to say that it was a movie mostly aimed at children..although some of the scenes made me laugh. Generally it was mostly a CGI free-for-all with some star actors and actresses. Well one star actress. I would have to say if Amy Adams had not brung as much "moxie" to the film, I would have probobly gone and folded clothes or something. That pretty much is the only thing that kept me watching the movie. Since she is my favourite actress. I did also start Julie & Julia earlier. I didn't get to finish it, so I will restart it tomorrow. It is not my typical type of movie. By "typical" I mean Julia Child in France. Although a lot of the movie was filmed in Queens, New York. Where I personally grew up, and it shows a lot of interesting facts about cooking. I've read some of the real Julie & Julia blog, and I admire anyone who can complete all those recipes. This is something I would like to try and tackle once I have the funds to buy all the supplies needed. It will not be Julia Child, but more of the likes of someone more contemporary like Gordon Ramsay.

I will have to say thank goodness for the autodraft function on the Blogger site. Way to pick up the ball on that one, kudos to you. My fussy little laptop that ironically (speaking of the Smithsonian) belongs in the Smithsonian, decided to close my browser for no reason. It truly is a relic. I sometimes am suprised that I am not playing Oregon Trail on it with giant floppy disks. Although I am continuing the original Final Fantasy on it. That's close, right?

6 110.1 * Planck's constant = 4.04859381 × 10-30 m2 kg / s

TO be honest I tried to be clever with today's date and typed in "611" and see what came up. That is probobly calculus material or a formula for plutonium for all I know. I will have to ask my good friend who just loves math, I say that sarcastically, by the way. With that being said, I almost died last night. Well, not literally but from my own cooking! You can't really blame me though because I beleive the shrimp I had used in Shrimp Angel-hair Marinara was not quite so good. That is why I am so weary of any kind of imported seafood to the middle of the desert where I live. Especially in the days of "BP" and their responsible equipment. There are obviously no crustaceans in where I live. Unless swimming scorpions can somehow resemble lobsters. I was up most of the night, nursing myself and reading...trying to get over what felt like it was to consume a hand grenade. Needless to say, it is the longest I have slept in months.

I have decided not to go into using people's names or whatnot here. Unless I have their permission, and I tell them that i'm writing about them. Pretty much because it's the right thing to do. I don't think that Blogs are a place to bag on people, unless they're celebrities :P Also, on the note of things I am trying not to write about...I am trying to avoid the "love" aspect of my life. Although I only have friends, I truly do fancy someone.

Today I think the oven will get a breather, and try to get rid of the refrigerator full of leftovers that I have. Give it to charity or a bake sale, or goodwill or something. I definitely know that the pasta from last night is going KAPUT. I have to admit, that the carrot cake finally did me in. It's evil power was too strong for me to resist and I have fallen to the dark side. Well, not really...but now it more resembles Pac-Man with a big wedge cut out of it. I will have to say that, it absolutely something I do not regret. It's probably the best carrot cake I have ever had. No, I am not full of myself. Although I am confident in my cooking, I simply believe it was so good because it wasn't pasteurized, concentrated, and preserved like a mummy. I think it was so good because it was fresh. Plan and simple.

Up sick all night, I was reading a book called 'Awaking the Heroes Within'. It's one of those self-help books, kind of. I normally don't like those things because the authors make it sound like they have mankind all figured out, and they're higher up in the evolutionary process, so they can tell people how to live like Donald Trump or Gandhi. Anyway, in the book there are twelve archetypes of people. The Innocent, The Orphan, The Warrior, The Caregiver, The Seeker, The Lover, The Creator, The Destroyer, The Ruler, The Magician, The Sage and The Fool. Each of these "Archetypes" are prevalent in everyone, just some more than others. I Personally had the highest score in "The Destroyer", "The Orphan" and "The Seeker". It gives you a test to fill out to find out where you stand on the wheel. These traits and types contribute to our personalities. None of them are necessarily bad. For instance "The Destroyer" can be someone who either participates in destructive behaviour, or has the ability to "destroy" destructive things, or break bad habits. It says " At best , this can be a crusader, rebel group, unified against evil..." If that makes any sense. I didn't write the book, but I would say it is pretty interesting. It says something very interesting about love as well. " Love also comes as compassion, forgiveness, grace. In most religious traditions, this forgiveness comes from God. In a psychological sense, the forgiveness must come from ourselves. Paradoxically , It is love that calls us to life and deep feeling, and judges our prior lifelessness and lovelessness...". I love that word paradoxically, by the way. It also goes on to say.."After a time, we come to recognize the rhythm of love's coming and going. Each relationship will have it's own rhythm .". Which I thought was pretty interesting to think about. I could write pretty much the whole chapter on "The Lover" for there are a lot of interesting things said about it.

Thursday, June 10, 2010


Actually today is the 10th, but who's counting. Speaking of naps, as I referred to in my other entry being something I wouldn't write about. The morning came all too quickly for me, and I pointlessly got up at 6 this morning. Probobly from the racket coming from the kitchen, and the mumbo jumbo coming from the fridge. Yeah, it sits there untouched in the very core of the refrigerator, welcoming me every time. For those of you who are reading this (if anyone) don't know what i'm referring to as the "It". I am referring to the carrot cake I made yesterday. Read my previous blog for a better explanation.

I found that i've been making too much sweets that my home has become more of a bakery than anything. I am trying to become more diverse, and I rarely like to use or cook the same recipe more than once every few months or so. I am also a firm believer in making everything that is reasonably available, from scratch. I don't like using brownie mixes, cake mixes, instant this / instant that. It doesn't bother me if people do it to make something to eat, but I cook mostly to gain experience. So using mixes I feel, is like cheating myself. With that said, I also feel the same way about microwaving. I think it's good for reheating leftovers or possibly making a cup of tea, but other than that I think the microwave cookbooks should burn in hell. Although, I will say there is a rather scientific way of cooking fudge in the microwave. I am going back on all I just said for a moment. In fact I will post it because it truly comes out miraculously...Please forgive me any of you culinary geniuses out there for posting a microwave recipe. Last one, I promise.

3-Minute Microwave Fudge

1 Lb. powdered sugar (3 3/4 cups), 1/4 cup milk,
1/2 cup cocoa, 1 teaspoon vanilla,
1 stick margarine (1/2 cup), 1/2 cup chopped peanuts.

Combine powdered sugar and coca in a 2-quart microwave safe bowl. Yes microwave. Place the stick of margarine on top of the mixture. Pour the milk over it all. DO NOT STIR!! Microwave on HIGH (100%) for 3 minutes. Stir extremely well and add the vanilla and peanuts. Pour onto a greased 8x8-inch pan. Cool 20 minutes. Cut into squares. Yields 64 Pieces.

Taken from the "Easy Livin' Microwave Cooking: The New Primer (Great Plains)"

So Yeah, it's really that easy. Forgive me all of you who painstakingly slave your day away cooking fudge on the stove. Although I am sure it comes out much better. Like I said before, I feel like the microwave once again, is cheating. This recipe is really more for those of you who don't have all day to make fudge, or are curious the strange process all of this takes. When you take it out of the cheat box, the butter will have been melted and it won't look like much of anything. As you continue to stir, you will see the fudge manifest before your very eyes. ALAKAZAM!