Saturday, June 12, 2010


I was just thinking of how some things are just inevitable, or maybe you just make them that way in your mind. Maybe it really is just mind over matter as my friend was telling me the other day. Although sometimes when it happens for me, I expect a certain outcome of something, and it can be the opposite effect. It's pretty funny how that only seems to happen when things go wrong. I have a certain concept of a few things that are inevitable at the moment, I hope that they don't happen, it just seems that the cards seem to favour the other team. Home field advantage, like they like to say in baseball.

The leftovers have taken a nice trip outside of my home, which is where they are going to stay. I might even get rid of the demon-child carrot cake and make an evil brother in the form of strawberry short cake. I have to admit, for a Saturday it seems rather eventless and gloomy. Perhaps just the after effects of the sugar overload I had before bed last night. The over stimulation of the sweet tooth. It can only leave the scientific community wondering. I've been doing some on and off reflecting lately. It really amazes me sometimes how people have really gone out of their way to be nice to me. Although they may think they haven't, when I think about it, it is pretty pretty apparent to me. I guess that is what makes them true friends, when one goes above and beyond for his fellow countrymen, and thinks nothing of it. I know it sounded more like a superhero, or a soldier. Friends can be heroes sometimes. Especially when one is going through a rough time. Whether it is in the form of guidance, constructive criticism, or even financial help... This is what seperates them from the rest of the humans on this earth. At least to me, anyway.

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