Sunday, June 13, 2010


Driving around Tucson and coming back to my home. I sometimes realize "How did I end up here?". Coming from New York, it seems like a pretty feasible question. Between the scorching heat, the forests of cacti (yes, that is plural for cactuses) I still say C A C T U S E S, the unforgiving wildlife, and the mountains. It seems almost like an entirely different planet from what I knew in New York. So you ask..How did I end up here? Well, I was given the chance to explore the country, and see parts of it I had not seen. I want to experience things I had not experienced before. My mother relocated from New York, to start a new, and better paying job here in Arizona. I decided to come out here, and see what Arizona was like. I can't honestly say it blows me away, I do intend to go back to New York at some point. Although the price of housing is astronomical. This is something that I really was thinking about, that a partner would help us accomplishing pretty much living anywhere. I am trying to stay out of my relationship aspect of my life, but I will touch upon it briefly. I would say I am content with being single, but I beleive I could be happier in the long run with someone. It would create a lot more leeway when it comes to living, although I could live almost anywhere if the job situation was fairly reasonable. I also do not mind relocating for that person, if things really worked out in order to be close to them. ;)

I suppose that each state and region of the country has it's own pros and cons. I don't think it would take any kind of genius to figure that out. As much as I hated taking the train every weekend all over New York, it still beats driving an hour to get anywhere in Arizona. Especially when most of the speed limits are like 35. I mean, come on, what really am I going to hit in miles of endless desert. A rattlesnake? Although in the movies and whatnot really portray Arizona and the southwest as being this barren landscape with nothing but sand. Part of it yes, but some of it actually has quite a bit of vegetation and the city is quite large, with buildings. Yes, buildings...not shacks. It's a far cry from the westerns you see and the O.K. Corral. Although I have been there and not much has changed. Also, many people seem to think they're John Wayne here. I am not trying to offend anyone or insult anyone's lifestyle, but I think dressing up like cowboys is silly. If you drive to work in a Subaru hybrid vehicle, and drink morning cappucinnos while wearing a cowboy hat. You're not a cowboy. I was talking to my mother a while ago and told her I was going to dress up like a pirate for one day, and go around Tucson. I know this may be taking the idea a bit far, but in my mind it is the same concept. To me cowboys are a thing of the past, but pirates do exist today. Remember the recent Somali pirates and the hijacking? I'm sure they didn't wear eyepatches and limped around on wooden legs singing "yo-ho yo-ho", but they do still exist. I think Jack Sparrow would be quite proud of me. So I wanted to go around for a day, and explain to people "If you can dress up as a cowboy, I can dress up as a pirate". It might totally go past them, but when i'm sitting at Long John Silver's getting my lunch and my car stalls in the drive through, I can calmly tell the person at the window I am having trouble raising my anchor. I might be totally looney, but this isn't meant to offend anyone, just a some good clean fun. Anyone is more than welcome to make fun of pirates anyday, but they may have to answer to Davey Jones. Sorry Mr. Wayne :) Anyways, wear whatever makes you comfortable.

It just appeared on the news that 19 states in 94 countries have misplaced "Moonrocks" from the first lunar landing. I wonder how people would misplace things like these. It appears that the Decipticons must be looking for fragments of the all-spark. Only explanation. So when you see Megatron walking over your car, or past your window, do not be alarmed. He's just collecting "Moonrocks".

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