Monday, June 14, 2010

It's magic

So dividing up my plunder this morning from yesterday's raid on the grocery store. I made one of those noodle soup instant freeze dried veggie experiments. Probobly as far off the culinary spectrum as apples are to zucchini. Yes it isn't a big deal, although it's not something I would consider exactly "indulgent". I see why my friends a while back considered it "college food", because it is inexpensive and extremely fast to fix when you have no time to cook when you're overloaded with information. Also cramming for exams. Back to breakfast, while it worked it's magic in the....yes, the microwave. Strike 2. I started to wonder the process that it goes through, if any, that has enabled it to save thousands of college kids across the world from starvation. Then I started thinking of Sea Monkeys. How when you add water to them, they "magically" spring back to life. They honestly used to scare me as a child, and it is practically impossible to name them. Even though in the little booklet they give you a whole page to name your "Sea Monkey family". So this process made me start to wonder, if it's a similar concept with the food. You add boiling water, and the noodles and vegetables "magically" transform into a slightly more edible state. I stress the word slightly. Somehow, I think Megatron is behind this as well.

My father graduated from culinary arts school at the age of 40, I personally will not wait another year..since it is something I would like to do. He warned me the perils of graduating from that place, since he never really got job placement as a result of it. I think I will do it, to gain experience, and have something to add to my resume, since mine seems to be rather ineffective at the moment, very sadly. I'm kind of stuck in this rut at the moment, a few things have gotten better. Like someone very close to me that I lost has given me a second chance, and I have to say that i'm very happy. It is something I prayed for. Also, my father wants to help me out of Arizona. Maybe I can go to Wisconsin instead? lol. I just need to get my act together and get back on track, which I am more than capable of.

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