Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Hair metal

I was searching through Youtube, oh and forgive me for naming names. Does this apply to websites as well? In this day in age am I even allowed to mention websites without being sued? I don't know. Anyway, I was going through Youtube, and I was looking for Disturbed videos. No, not videos of disturbed people or videos with emotional baggage. The actual band Disturbed. I try to go to the official video link, because somehow I think it pays homage to the band. Don't ask me how. I noticed that in one of the videos they have a 15 second advertisement. Not that it wasn't bad enough, it was an advertisement for a women's hair care product. I don't think i'm really interested in that just before listening to heavy metal. It might just be me. Another interesting fact is the lead singer of Disturbed doesn't have any hair, so you certainly know he wasn't endorsing this in his band's video. Before I get all rebellious and anti-establishment, I want to say that I care about my hair, and the right to advertise your product. I just think we get enough advertisements everywhere in our faces, especially on Television...that we really don't need them contained in a 4 minute video. Some networks I can't even watch like *Coughs* "Music" Television, or MTV. They really should change the name to "We used to play music, but now find it much more important to air shows about bratty obnoxious over-privileged young adults". Or in short BTTV "Bad Taste Television". Sorry MTV, but I grew up in the era when you actually used to play music. I'll stop there because as we speak, across the universe (even in cybertron) they are blogging about MTV. I'm going to cool it with the Transformer jokes, but maybe... "Megatron TV" ??????? Hmmm.

We had a barbeque yesterday here at my home, and in the meantime my friend was playing the Nintendo I was telling you about. I always find it funny and amusing when she is cursing out this innocent cartoon character jumping across the screen. Like "What did it ever do to you?" I would get an answer, "It isn't running fast enough, little *******!!!!!". Needless to say, I think they came to an agreement because she did beat the game. I haven't been cooking a lot aside from the BBQ, i've been getting complaints that i'm cooking too much food, after I dumped all these leftovers on my mother. So I am trying to cool it off, well, not really. It's something I enjoy, and i'm sure I can find someone who will eat it. I did use up a lot of the supplies though. I just feel like lately I am in everyone's cross-hairs, that everyone seems to be taking their frustration out on me. I am still continuing my conquest to land employment somewhere. I find it interesting the rings of fire, and circus tricks certain places make you go through, just to get a job. I understand they want to find the right "material" for their work place. All I am saying is, isn't it hard enough finding a job these days? Some places I honestly think they make you take a space training program, and learn how to speak vietnamese backwards, while painting the Mona Lisa underwater blindfolded. Well maybe not honestly.

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