Friday, June 11, 2010

Moving-picture show

It was a plan of mine to limit myself to one blog per day. Today I have had this itch to write another, so thus I have.,I've started all these "blogging" rules for myself, and I suppose it isn't something that I should take too seriously. The simple pleasures in life are things people should not restrict themselves. If blogging is your thing, then hey, go for it.

Today / this evening has become a Lord of the Rings movie extravaganza. Well, I wouldn't go that far, but a very close person to me started the first one last night. I decided to watch the next two. These films are actually one of the few films that actually sticks to the books. Truly cinematic history. I am here on the third one, it's amazing I can even concentrate enough on a blog when Samwise Gamgee is fighting a giant spider, yelling at it "Let him go you filth!". Honestly, one of my favourite quotes from the movie. Poor Smeagol. Remember what I was saying about the snakes? If not then you haven't missed much. Smeagol honestly only made one bad choice in his life, and from you fellow "ringers" out there you will know that the ring has a power and mind of it's own. After all "it chooses it's master". Read the book, you'll see. What I was saying is, I know a lot of people view him as a villain. Maybe he was destined to become who he was, which is something he couldn't change.

Speaking of other movies, I recently watched A Night at the Museum : The Battle of the Smithsonian. At least I think that's what it was called. I'm no movie critic, nor do I foresee it as a future career. I would have to say that it was a movie mostly aimed at children..although some of the scenes made me laugh. Generally it was mostly a CGI free-for-all with some star actors and actresses. Well one star actress. I would have to say if Amy Adams had not brung as much "moxie" to the film, I would have probobly gone and folded clothes or something. That pretty much is the only thing that kept me watching the movie. Since she is my favourite actress. I did also start Julie & Julia earlier. I didn't get to finish it, so I will restart it tomorrow. It is not my typical type of movie. By "typical" I mean Julia Child in France. Although a lot of the movie was filmed in Queens, New York. Where I personally grew up, and it shows a lot of interesting facts about cooking. I've read some of the real Julie & Julia blog, and I admire anyone who can complete all those recipes. This is something I would like to try and tackle once I have the funds to buy all the supplies needed. It will not be Julia Child, but more of the likes of someone more contemporary like Gordon Ramsay.

I will have to say thank goodness for the autodraft function on the Blogger site. Way to pick up the ball on that one, kudos to you. My fussy little laptop that ironically (speaking of the Smithsonian) belongs in the Smithsonian, decided to close my browser for no reason. It truly is a relic. I sometimes am suprised that I am not playing Oregon Trail on it with giant floppy disks. Although I am continuing the original Final Fantasy on it. That's close, right?

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