Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Christmas Time.

Originally, I was going to post this as a status update. I've found that i've been going a little overkill with the updates. So instead, I decided to make it a semi-short blog entry. The Holiday season officially started a little less than a week ago (at least for me). Some people start in October, can you beleive that? Somehow amidst all the chaos, I find my holiday spirit when it's all too late. No matter how much I try, I stay Ebenezer Scrooge until about the 20th of December. I wish I knew how people start putting up Christmas lights in October. I forget what snow feels and even looks like, ( I guess you would call it ) "living" in the southwest United States. The people driving on icy roads are reminded every year. I'm sure they don't miss it when they have to plow out their driveways and walk around in wet boots. Growing up in New York, I suppose my tolerance for the cold is quite substantial compared to the natives of this area. I know i'm living in the wrong area of the country when I walk around in a T-shirt when everyone else is bundled up like frosty the snowman. With temperatures reaching well over 100 everyday, I swore back in July that I would NEVER complain about being cold again. So therefore, I welcome winter with open arms. Especially this year.

Christmas is just around the corner, and businesses are thriving with holiday cheer. I apologize to all my friends of other faiths. I personally am not a devout Christian, but I do celebrate the holiday. Now I finally get to the point of why i'm writing this blog in the first place. I find that it seems to be a tradition of being nice, and giving on the holidays. *Scrooge alert* For one month out of the year, everyone becomes nice all of a sudden. Then come January 2nd, they're all back to their devious ways. People should be nice year round, and not "perform" when it's the holiday season. To me, it kind of defeats the purpose of an act of kindness, when it's done because it's almost mandatory. The department store bell-ringers wouldn't need to stand outside of Wal-Mart, Macys and various shopping destinations begging for money, if people had contributed year-round.

I hope everyone can carry this kindness and generosity into the new year, and not just pretend during the holidays. For those who can, are truly the ones with spirit. Not just "holiday spirit".

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