Thursday, November 4, 2010


Emphasizing on my last blog, I figured I would continue with a similar idea. Whilst my old friends and I grow up, i've begun to realize that people are getting married all around me. Some even younger than I. There seems to be this sense of urgency now a days, or at least when someone reaches their mid 20's, THEY MUST BE MARRIED. Almost as if someone's life isn't complete because they're not married. Like the baby boom generation right after World War II, perhaps it has to do with a lot of soldiers coming back from Iraq / Afghanistan. Maybe not, because the people I know getting married aren't exactly engaged to G.I. Joe the All American Hero. I hate to say it, but it's almost become this cultural phenomenon that you're freaking awesome if you're married.

Maybe it's just my cynical side coming out, but I compare it to a deep blue ocean. It may appear pristine and non-polluted from the surface, but when you dive in you don't know what jagged rocks and sunken vessels linger there from previous engagements. Who knows? some people get lucky and find treasure, others may be diving into shark infested waters. Walking the isle, almost like walking the plank to their doom. Some of us aren't seaworthy, like myself.

I personally am much older than a lot of people getting married. I often have to ask the question "What is the urgency?". I'm only 26 and I sound like I should be in my 50's. I understand it's the ultimate way to tell someone you love them, but shouldn't you make sure that it's something you can handle for the rest of your life? Referring to my analogy earlier, it appears perfect, but there is a lot of sacrifice involved. This is something I don't think many people take into account beforehand. Yes you're nearly old enough to drink and already married, you'll be supposedly stuck with this person FOR THE REST OF YOUR LIFE. They should start handing out prenuptial agreements with bottles of Jack. Or even Drivers Licenses. Don't drink and drive.

Yeah so I might grow old and become this cat person. I already have 4 cats, so I believe I am already on my way. Go me. There also seems to be this invisible clock ticking down for everyone before all the babies magically disappear from the universe. I'm personally not trying to offend anyone, just wondering what the big deal is with becoming adults before actually becoming adults. I truly hate to see people growing up too fast, and already settling in before they've even given themselves a chance to live. I mean, if children and spouses give you happiness, then go for it. Just make sure you're ready for it.

To me it almost seems contagious. Someone gets married, then their friends start thinking "shouldn't I be married?". So they go off and get hitched just so they're not the "Unmarried" one. Which perhaps has it's own stigma. I've seen this case a lot. Even in myself, but I realize I am not ready for it. Not nearly.

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