Wednesday, November 3, 2010

He's Back.. Again.

No not the suicidal maniac, but me. I am sorry to disappoint anyone who actually still reads this babbling nonsense. It's been a long time since I have posted, and I found the drive again to write. I think it's been 2 months exactly. My birthday and Halloween have long since come and gone, and summer's finally over. It is now getting ready for winter. I almost feel that i've been neglecting my poor old blog, and forgotten to jot down my inane ramblings.

Things have changed, and I guess the things that needed changing did so themselves. I'm still alive, border-lining on insanity, but I still have a pulse. I forgot to even post on my favourite holiday in the universe. I'm a bit disappointed that I didn't do much besides engage in horror marathons all month long, which I still continue even though it's well into November. It's November already!?

It's amazing how people lose touch, who are even the best of friends. It happens all the time that friends in high school go off to college and swear up and down that they'll still hang out and keep in touch. If it wasn't for a certain social networking place, I would have lost touch with all of them long ago. I don't mean to be cynical but it's a sad truth. I wonder where they are, what they've gotten themselves into. If they've gotten themselves out of it. My old friends, I mean. Personally, I would give a lot to go back in time and do it all over again. I guess this means I enjoyed the time I had with them.

I suppose it's hard to write in these blogs and not get all nostalgic and reminisce about the "good 'ol days" (boy I sound old). Trying to speak from experience and to those who have experienced the same thing, I know it happens to almost everyone. I wonder how people truly live into their 30's and still hang out with the same friends. I would bet that moving has a big part to do with it, which I have been a victim of a handful of times. So some words of advice. Don't move. Unless you absolutely hate it, and there's crack babies everywhere in your neighborhood. Only if you start growing a third ear from the radioactivity in your home town. Which actually might prove pretty useful. If you have a good family, I guess what they say is true. The only people who will be there for you for most of your life is your family. People come and go, lovers will stray but your family will help you most of the way.

I hope this isn't my final entry for the month, but i'll be back.

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