Sunday, July 11, 2010

The Commercial Rant

As the summer is in full swing and monsoon season has arrived, we are starting to get some really buggy and soaking rains. Not only has this brought out bugs, but giant frogs as well..that seem to be invading my yard everytime it rains. Last night I put my porch light on and there was about 6 of them sitting there. I unfortunately had to put one out of it's misery yesterday, which I was not happy about. He wasn't doing too well, and he wouldn't leave.. I also found a giant toad swimming in my dog's water bowl. I kicked it and he stuck his head up out of the water and looked at me. It seemed I ticked him off a little bit... I try to shoo them away, and they sit there and look at me. I try not to hurt them because they really are harmless to humans, but some of them a potentially lethal to dogs and cats.

I've spent the last few days engaging in the Harry Potter marathon, it was perfectly timed since I read half of the series recently. I forgot how long they were as I sat there glued to the television for several hours. One thing that has bugged me is the commercials recently. Not to mention the fact that there seems to be 30 minutes of commercials for every hour of the movie, I find them several decibels louder than the actual movie. Which makes me fumble for my remote in risk of ruining my ears for life during every commercial break. I don't know if it's just me or if i've become more aware of people's intentions these days, but it seems that the companys really don't care if they annoy you with their commercials. It seems they are more concerned with being noticed and obnoxious than actually appealing to the consumer's tastes. I find half of the commercials are so irritating, that it actually repels me from wanting anything to do with their company. Between the screaming, and (trying to be catchy) jingles, not to mention their horrible attempts to appeal to the "new generation", it's amazing anyone watches television anymore. Between the gadgets and gizmos, weight loss commercials, teenage soap operas, and the calorie watch craze...Even commercials are pressing their opinions recklessly. Everyone is trying to be politically correct everywhere else.. So what if I don't count every single calorie in the foods I eat? Does this make me fat? No. Does this make me "bad" like these commercials make it sound by "not staying on track". No. I love how they show these people on diets in the commercials who are already thin. I may not be perfectly toned and tanned like they portray the way people are "supposed to look", but it won't kill me if I don't buy foods that are "only 60 calories!!". I know how to work out, and I understand that much of this country is overweight.. but my question is... Why make them feel even worse about themselves?

I think people should lose weight for themselves, and not the stigma and the pressure society puts on them. People have enough stress these days, than to worry about every little morsel they consume everyday, and how they're not burning it off. If you look good, then that's great for you. I've learned that the outside rarely reflects the person inside. I've met some really horrible, good looking people. More often than not, actually. I truly think that if they actually stuffed their face with a cheeseburger, they might actually stop talking about how great they are for 4 minutes. Being thin doesn't automatically make you attractive (in my opinion) and not everyone is graced with being born with a 6 pack, perfect teeth..and superhuman metabolisms. Also, almost no one is graced with a perfect personality. I wonder what we should be working on more?

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