Wednesday, July 7, 2010


Ahh yes, it's that time again. Time for another episode. Hopefully not a psychotic one or what have you. My:( I'm gradually becoming more and more muffin shaped as we speak. It may be due to me enjoying all the foods i've denied myself for my months and months of dieting. It's ok though. I've been slightly cynical lately, compared to my normal self. If that is even possible. Powering through half the Harry Potter series ( the first 3 books in 4 days ) , i've been reassured that they are definately better in book form! I'm not even a book worm or anything. I really wonder who still, or has somehow stumbled upon this blog in their vastness web searching. I know it matters very little now, but I wonder if a particular person still reads them. Or if they really stopped caring when I knew they did. Yes, i've been uncannily intuitive lately. It's been almost scary, I go into the computer room for no reason and then the phone rings. I get sudden urges to look out the window and there my cat is sitting in the driveway (it's not an outdoor cat, or supposed to be outside). A lot of other things. It usually happens when i'm under a lot of emotional stress. I am not normally a quitter, but something inside me told me to give up. I hate giving up on people, but when there really is no option, or room to work with. I suppose there is no other choice is there? There is only so far I can go out of my way for someone, or pretend it's working with them until I say enough is enough. I get tired of try to appease everyone else after a while.

Nevertheless I won't be conducting a psychic hotline or start reading palms on the corner. You won't find me preaching the apocalypse to you, or gazing into a crystal ball. I hate to disappoint anyone, but i'm not that psychic or psycho. My religious views have been shifting a lot lately too, out of respect for everyone else's religion..I will refrain from talking about a religion that isn't my own. Sorry to disappoint any of you once again. I really in my old age, am starting to believe that there a reoccurring types of people, personality wise and interests wise. It's amazing how you meet someone and they automatically remind you of someone you met once before. It is rare that I meet someone that totally throws me through the loop with their originality. Sad but true. I won't divulge stereotypes or pass people along like they come with some kind of recipe. I'm sure they wouldn't taste very good either. Unless you were Hannibal Lechter or someone.

I am about to warn you the following section is a bit I forewarn you. The other night I had a dream about my close friend. I really don't know how I am going to say this without totally giving it away, if she reads this, I suppose it's ok for her to know. Anyways, I had a very vivid and long dream the other night about my friend, who happens to be a female. I hang out with her at least once a week, and we do normal "friend things". In my dream we were doing these "friend things" and eventually locked eyes somewhere while we were driving and she parked the car and we started kissing. It was very vivid, like I said..and it seemed very right in the dream. I woke up amazed that it even happened, and it made me question if I had this dream for a reason. I wonder if this is a result of harboured feelings i've had, or just one of those loony dreams people sometimes have. We've never really talked about it between us, but have always remained friends, and nothing more. Heck, we've even slept in the same bed and nothing happened. I am extremely used to having friends as girls because 90% of my friends are female. It's never really been an issue keeping it just a friendship. I never had these dreams before, and I will admit right here...and i've told her this , that I think she's very pretty. I don't know if I should tell her, or if it would make her uncomfortable. I guess this is why I put this crap in my blog. Haha

The past few days i've been snake hunting in my 5 acres of property. I haven't found one yet. Why I look for them is probobly what you're thinking. I've had this recent fascination with them, and I kind of feel guilty about offing two of them. One nearly bit me, and the other was under my house. That is how I rationalize my reason for killing them. I think it all goes back to one of my earliest blogs about "how they can't control who they are" and if they were to change what they were, they most likely would be extinct right now. So I go looking for them, so I know where to look for them so I don't have an unexpected encounter with another. I guess they like hanging out with Shelob when i'm not looking. Oh and this is totally random, but I am getting my black cat, Ferguson...a Dracula cape.

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